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» My work is obviously driven by software and electronics, but the digital is rather a small part compared to the physical system. I‘m always searching for new ways of materializing data while experimenting with aesthetic and phenomenological effects in order to create immersive objects, artistic machines and spatial installations.

Therefore I’m always looking for new and inspiring cooperation partners – whether if you’re an artist, a musician, a manufacturer or a research institute. So if you are interested in working with me or would like to know more about my work and current projects, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,
Verena Bachl «

If your work is characterised by observation and experiment, here are a few lab rules that could be useful:

#​  ​Experience is directly proportional to clothes ruined.
#​  ​Preparation time for experimental setup is indirectly proportional to time blowing up experiment.
#​  ​Serendiptiy comes to those who can wait.
#​  ​The difference between science and messing around is collecting the data.
#​  ​Nullius in verba. Ok, granted, this was the idea of Horace. Nevertheless, huge fan.