All Colors Depend On Light

White light is a combination of lights of different wavelengths. Every atom and every molecule has its very own and therefore unique spectrum, hiding in the light like a genetic code. As a result, spectra can be used to detect, identify and analyze information about matter in terms of frequency and electromagnetic interactions. “All Colors Depend On Light” is a sculpture series that uses the spectral analysis of light as a fundamental exploratory tool to expose the illuminant’s very essence by dispersing it in its colorful code.
Vision allows us to distinguish different objects by their outer shape or color. But light as energy is essentially invisible. The invisible, the knowledge of physical perceptual phenomena is incorporated into the everyday experience of light. The prismatic sculptures are rich in information as they retain the light in the glass zone like a visual, immaterial painting and therefore prove light’s optical existence. At specific angles, the spectrum shifts in intensity or disappears as the viewer approaches or moves away. Ranging from natural homogeneous sunlight to artificial light these objects reveal light’s true nature and capture it for enabling observation and exploration.
All Colors Depend On Light/1, 2021
fluorescent tube, glass, diffraction grating, brass (chrome-plated), stainless steel
35,6 x 17,5 x 15,4 cm
All Colors Depend On Light/2, 2021
neon tube, glass, diffraction grating, brass (chrome-plated), stainless steel
60,5 x 17,5 x 15,4 cm