Everything will be fine, 2022
500 insects (gold-plated)
Installation view: 100 x 100 x 3 cm

The installation “Everything will be fine” is dedicated to the preservation of the past and the transience of biodiversity and paints a radical but probable picture of a mass extinction, happening largely unnoticed or being ignored. The artwork consists of 500 dead insects preserved and covered in gold to reflect their true value to a functioning ecosystem. Despite its undeniable aesthetics, we are blinded by its fine appearance, for beneath a golden layer lies evidence of what man is willing to sacrifice for the sake of his existence.
However, the memory and proof of their existence, as well as their genetic code, will be encapsulated in their golden tomb, which time cannot harm.
Because of its anthropogenic nature, this artwork is thus to be understood as a symptom of the present and read as a seismograph of a possible future. The belief that ‘everything will be fine’ contains both hope and resignation in equal measure, for the ambivalent use of this statement is both reassuring and an expression of helplessness. The installation serves as a conversation piece to make the urgency of this issue tangible. Only in the absence of their liveliness, the loss of these creatures can be fully understood.
[For this installation, no insects were harmed or killed. Exclusively dead, found specimens were collected]