Wave Fragment, 2019
Aluminum, steel, stainless steel, brass (platinum-plated), fans, electronics
150 x 150 x  12 cm


Wave Fragment is a kinetic light sculpture that is in the ability to display wind-related flow fields by the reflection of light, inspired by the continuous movement of water.

The guiding motive is bound to memories of the sea while the light is dancing on its waters in rhythmic motion caused by airflows. The work responds to ideas of digital simulations of particle flows and the visualization of computational fluid dynamics. Wave Fragment as a physical sculpture uses these parameters as decisive factors for creating generative works of art. Carrying an immersive quality, the emergent patterns show the interplay of forces caused by the chaotic nature of these phenomenons. Although the configurations are manifold and diverse, the patterns of light and shade stay comprehensible and their emergence readable due to the control of external wind sources used to breathe life into this artwork.

verena bachl wave fragment kinetic light art installation
verena bachl wave fragment kinetic light art installation