What is for sure, 2024

What is for sure

158 ​X 106 ​X  5 cm
​62.2 X 41.7 X 2 inches
Stainless steel, glass, acrylic paint, LED, aluminum, PLA, custom electronics
The light installation What is for Sure explores the relationship between space and time. By reinterpreting and manipulating the seemingly natural and chronological rhythm of light, the artwork addresses the phenomenon of chromatic changes in the sky caused by atmospheric scattering.
Like the view through a window to the outside world, a series of visual light structures mimic the rhythm and duration of daylight phases through subtle variations in color and brightness. However, this natural cycle is altered between sunrise and sunset, showing a mixture of video sequences capturing natural scenes and artificially generated representations created by artificial intelligence. The fundamental nature of the sun’s course and our perception of time once considered reliable, now appears uncertain, raising the question of what we can rely on in a world where AI is increasingly intertwined with our daily lives.
In collaboration with Karsten Schuhl.