Verena Bachl is a contemporary artist based in Berlin. Her work focuses on converting scientific questions into artistic concepts. Her artworks explore philosophical and experimental theories by transferring them into objects, sculptures, and installations.
Since her artworks are not static, but in flux concerning their spatial arrangement as well as their visual appearance, they provoke poetic moments of momentum. By the inclusion of the viewer, she produces environments that evoke an architectural and psychological impact, are themselves dynamic, and convey notions of reciprocity and entanglement as an experimental system. The resonant spaces thus created explore concepts such as clarity and essence in their minimalistic approach, without excluding the subjective nature of perception. In the process, established concepts of perception are reinterpreted or questioned to achieve new perspectives of cognition.
In search of a materialization of knowledge and phenomenological effects, her works often stage the border between mysticism and rationalism by encoding and decoding information. By synthesizing art and science, works of art are created that generate a dyad of the natural and the anthropogenic through the symbiotic intertwining of both fields of knowledge.


Vasarely Legacy, Annet-sur-Marne, France
BBA Artist Prize Exhibition, Kühlhaus Berlin, Germany

Glass – hand-formed matter, Bröhan Museum, Berlin, Germany

2200 UND3R, Festival IZIS, Koper, Slovenia
Wave Fragment, Prima Kunst – Stadtgalerie Kiel, Germany
Tacit Dialogues, feldfünf – Projekträume im Metropolenhaus, Berlin, Germany
Wave Fragment, Ars Electronica.ART Global Gallery (Online)


BBA Artist Prize (Shortlist)
Aesthetica Art Prize (Longlist)


Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) + Wiesner Art Gallery | Talk: Learning from reality – artistic exploration and forming understanding
Aesthetica Art Prize Anthology | Future Now – 100 Contemporary Artists (Print)
Contemporary Art Curator Magazine | Insights For Collectors’ (Print)