Verena Bachl is a Berlin-based artist whose work is inspired by experimental methods within contemporary art and natural sciences. Within her sculptures and installations, she explores minimalistic concepts such as clarity and essence without excluding the subjective nature of perception. Centering around the creation of experiences and memories her works illustrate perceptible phenomena being incorporated into the everyday experience with a strong emphasis on those being evoked by light. As her artworks are not static but in flux concerning their spatial arrangements as well as their visual appearance, they provoke moments of autopoiesis; systems that are coupled with its medium and its surrounding in continuous dynamic. Whilst searching for new ways of materializing knowledge and exploring aesthetic and phenomenological effects, her works often stage the borderline between mysticism and rationalism by coding and decoding information. As a consequence, her works have explored post-romantic and Anthropocene concepts of ‘nature’ and ‘culture’ and the tension occurring by this dualism.
»Within nature, we want to experience ourselves as part of a greater whole. The longing for being surrounded by living nature is actually searching for connections to feel alive.«, she points out. »This kind of longing manifests in my artworks. As we entered the Age of the Anthropocene and its manifold prophecies of the end of nature, I try to overcome our invention of the dualism of nature and culture by connecting them.«


IZIS Festival, Koper, Slovenia
Prima Kunst, Stadtgalerie Kiel, Germany
Tacit Dialogues, feldfünf – Projekträume im Metropolenhaus, Berlin, Germany
Wave Fragment, Ars Electronica.ART Global Gallery


Aesthetica Art Prize (Longlist)


Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) + Wiesner Art Gallery | Talk: Learning from reality – artistic exploration and forming understanding
Aesthetica Art Prize Anthology | Future Now – 100 Contemporary Artists (Print)
Contemporary Art Curator Magazine | Insights For Collectors’ (Print)